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Welcome to the Connecticut ATTACK! We embrace a culture of trust where truth is valued over harmony, 110% effort is the expectation, and teammates compete to bring out the best in each other and their opponents. Our goal is the physical and mental development of our athletes. We equip them with a strong foundation of fundamentals and high level skill development, and cultivate a mentality to become students of the game, growing their Basketball IQ. Additionally, our leadership development and community service components are essential in the growth of critical life skills and social responsibility. We are proud of our athletes’ commitment, dedication, and love of the game, and support their aspirations to play at the next level.

We invite you to check out our Teams page for details regarding our coaches, rosters and tournament schedules. It is our hope that you will bookmark our website and use it as a recruitment resource in your search for talented student-athletes. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have – please feel free to contact the head coach of any player you would be interested in further evaluating. Also please don’t hesitate to contact Ulysses Garcia or Heather Glezen for additional information on any ATTACK player or the Connecticut ATTACK organization.

We are committed to inspiring and molding young athletes into fierce competitors, passionate leaders of character, and champions on the court and in life.

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